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Cyclezone is proud to be able to offer you Body Geometry Fit.

Body Geometry Fit is more than just a bike fit, it is full analysis and assessment of your body, on your bike to deliver the most comfortable ride, allowing you to go faster for longer and minimizing the chance of injury.

Body Geometry Fit has been developed over years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D. PA of the Boulder Center of Sports Medicine.
Starting with a Pre-Fit Interview, to discuss your riding history, your needs and wants along with your riding goals and aspirations.
During your Body Geometry Fit your unique structure will also be assessed including your strength and flexibility, along with Front and Side View Analysis.
The end result of Body Geometry Fit, is your bike fitting perfectly to your body.
Body Geometry Fit is by appointment only, so come and talk to the team and book your BG Fit today, you won’t regret it.

Check out the clip below for a complete overview of Body Geometry Fit.

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